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In Switzerland, it is the law for corporations to mandate a statutory audit division to get the annual balance sheet done.

Our partners are accredited by the surveillance authorities, and due to their long standing experience we are able to come up with absolutely serious solutions.

You can trust us that only objective evaluation methods are taken into consideration, thus giving you a guarantee for the comparability of your annual balance sheets.

Our services for revision and auditing at a glance:

  • Analyzing and checking the balance sheet or the interim result
  • Realizing a detailed or restricted tax audit
  • Analysis of consolidated financial statements
  • Conditional capital increase
  • Analysis of capital reduction
  • Accelerated liquidation proceedings
  • Analysis of enterprises admitted to official quotation
  • Assets in kind

Switzerland has launched a new law for revision and auditing in January 2008. Please note the most important changes on the following page. 

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