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If you intend to buy a Swiss corporation, you should know the following:

  • An existing corporation stops its operations, but remains alive as juristic person. In this context we speak of "inactive companies" or shell companies.
  • You establish a new capital company without intending to start operations. Instead, the shelf of its legal form, be it "GmbH" (i.e. limited company) or "AG" (stock corporation), shall be sold to a third party which is then running the company as real business. In this case, we are discussing a shelf company.

Example for using a shell company

The advantage of buying a shell company

Buying a shell company has the advantage that the enterprise already exists, so you do not need any founders. Furthermore, it is no longer evident who owns the company, so that anonymity is guaranteed!

In addition to this, there is no more liability for founders, which is sometimes a hidden risk for incorporators. Normally, the corporation's liquidity depends on its age. Obviously, new corporations obtain less credit than older ones, irrespective whether company name, domicile etc. have been altered in the shell or not! Therefore, shell companies have a better credit history!

The acquisition of a shell company can be realized fast and easy, a notary is not needed.