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  • You have a convincing business idea together with a sound business plan, but there is not enough capital to establish a corporation. In this case, a shell could be helpful.
  • It is a fact that you want to use a corporation for your new business. And it is important that you are able to finance a company car right from the beginning. We strongly recommend a shell company for this.
  • Your intention is to keep maximum anonymity concerning the ownership. A shell company is ideal for this purpose!
  • You get the chance of making a super deal. Your partner, however, wants a juristic person as contracting party, or you want -for tactical reasons- to conduct this contract in a juristic person. With a shell company, you will be capable of acting business wise immediately.

Our offer of shell companies, ready to use

We can actually offer a couple of inactive corporations which can be brought back into business life at once. We are also able of adapting an existing shell according to your requirements.

You can easily see the year of incorporation, the capitalization, the purpose, domicile and purchase price. Click Contact to get our newest offers.

Each of the corporations we bought has been scrutinized and put to the acid test. We guarantee that there will be no bad debts. Should, for what reason so ever, there still appear an obligation out of the past, it goes without saying that we care for this commitment immediately.