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Incorporating in Switzerland other foreign nations

We will advise you thoroughly about choosing the legal form of your company.

Use our insider knowledge and benefit from our professional coaching for business start ups or acquisitions. If you wish so, we care for the complete incorporation procedures up to the registry in the commercial register, including the applications for VAT and all necessary insurances. No question that you can always use all services of our portfolio.

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Supporting your admin!

We care as well for any alterations or amendments in the commercial register, f.e. in the event of changes in the supervisory board etc.

The following activities are also included:

  • Advice about the suitable legal form of your incorporation
  • Check of company name
  • Definition of the company constitution
  • Preparing the Lex Friedrich declaration
  • Preparing the Stampa declaration
  • Certification of signatures
  • Opening of bank accounts (private and commercial)
  • Notary certifications
  • Preparing the registry in the commercial register
  • Procuring all necessary insurances

Worldwide incorporations

We have successfully been establishing and incorporating enterprises in Switzerland, and Marshall Island.