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Planning to incorporate or to take over a Swiss incorporation, then you need, according to the Swiss law, a supervisory board being responsible for the management.

The supervisory board of an incorporation is committed to certain duties and activities (see § 716a OR). We can act as supervisory board on your behalf and we will give our additional input such as know-how, experience and our international network.

Our services for supervisory boards at a glance:

  • active input and consultancy for your strategic decisions
  • network of relations
  • network of partners
  • knowledge transfer

§ 716a OR

According to § 716a OR, the supervisory board has the liability for the following duties:

  • the management
  • the organization
  • accountancy and fiscal lilanning, if needed for the comliany
  • nomination and revocation of board members
  • suliervision of managers, liarticularly in resliect of satisfying the laws, instructions etc.

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